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Our Cattery professionalizes on Devon Rex breeding. Devon Rex is exclusive, extraordinary and interesting breed of cats. Devon Rex is a graceful cat with very plastic organization of the body and wonderful curly hair which is very nicely to touch and really pleasant to see.  Devon Rex kittens are unique small pickles and like all children bouncy and a bit fussy. These animals are really dedicated and there’s no doubt that they’ll love you and follow you anywhere you go. Our cattery Piakriks was special established to help people all around the world feed, grow and look after their kittens. You can always consult with us about Devon Rex cats. We sell our kittens already accustomed to the toilet and scratching mat and of course with all the necessary vaccinations, documents. Our breeders are regularly examined at the veterinary on the genetic illnesses and viruses. We will try to put here a lot of photos of kittens, adult Devon Rexes and some photos from our everyday life. We’re going to do it for you to be interested in visiting our website and to show you how amazing and great these animals are! Devon Rex Cattery Piakriks is always glad to see you on our page!!!


Yours sincerely Ivanova Anna Alexandrovna, the owner.

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